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Besides beautiful beaches, great food & classic water sports, Thasos offers you a variety of activities to experience the beauty of the island. We are delighted to help you to create your perfect experience.  To give you a first impression, we made this overview for you.



The beaches of Thasos can satisfy even the most demanding visitor. An excellent coast road almost rings the whole island, providing easy access to the many beaches that pepper the attractive coastline. You can find beaches with shallow waters, sandy not-easily-accessible-by-road beaches abutting onto pine trees, tiny gulfs and rocky promontories, spotlessly clean pebble beaches, wide expanses of sand and well maintained public beaches.

Here are some of them to look at and dream.


The standouts of Thasos are not only the beaches but also its mountainous villages, its history and tradition. The island’s quaint villages boast a traditional architecture, as they are full of stone-made houses, narrow paved streets, churches and grey-tiled roofs. Archaeological findings show that the history of Thasos started in the prehistoric times. There are many places to explore the history of Thasos and to see remains of ancient times.

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